Learn Baby Sign Language with Kiddiekoms!

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your baby could tell you exactly what he is thinking- without tears?baby-sign-language-happy-baby

By incorporating simple signs and gestures into your everyday interactions, you and your baby will be communicating quickly and easily – avoiding stressful tears and tantrums.

By using Baby Sign Language techniques, you will get your baby interacting in a meaningful way well before they start to talk and even before pointing becomes the gestures of choice ( any mum of an 18 month old know how important pointing is to a pre-verbal baby!)

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Our Baby Sign Language Workshops- so much more than just signs!

KiddieKoms__0138Essentially, we teach baby sign language. But is it SO MUCH MORE than just a few gestures.

In our workshops, we encourage parents to interact with their baby on a deeper level. Your baby is communicating with your from the second they are born- using cries, movements, and sounds. You just need to know what to look for and how to react. By around three months, your baby starts wanting a little more than just to sleep and feed. They start trying to interact with you and their surroundings. But as new parents, we sometimes just don’t see the signs and we all end up in tears!

By incorporating simple gestures into your daily routines, in no time your baby will have several “go to” signs that he can use and know that you know exactly what he wants. It is an empowering process for parents and bubs. And it is easy to learn, easy to incorporate into your daily life and super fun!

We teach AuslanĀ  based Baby Sign Language. Auslan is the official language of the deaf in Australia. Auslan is used by professionals working with children across the country to help communication , improve speech development, decrease anxiety in the classroom and generally help babies and children to communicate more effectively.

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Who is baby sign language workshopsit for?

Everyone! All babies benefit from the use of Baby Sign Language. Just think, babies cannot start to talk until the are around 18 months- and then it is only a simple word here and there. And they get frustrated! Trying to tell you what they want when they physically cant say the word- it is a nightmare. That is where baby signing language is an invaluable tool. It is used to bridge the gap between understanding and communicating with speech. Your bub may not be physically able to tell you they want to read a book, but by using baby sign language- they can show you!

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Baby Sign Language Workshops forĀ  professionals working with children

We work with Day Care Centres, speech pathologists, special needs educators and child psychologists,occupational therapists, teaching staff how to use Baby Sign Language to enhance communication with the children they work with. If you would like us to work with your centre, please fill out our enquiry form and we will be in touch!

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